ATR Systems and Kronos

Why Kronos

Michael Hoover, President of ATR Systems, discusses ATR Systems’ partnership with Kronos SaaShr and the impact it has had on their business.

Clock Demonstrations

ZK Clock

We look at the ZK time clock terminal for the Workforce One time and labor management software.

inTouch Biometric Clock

This tutorial is meant to be used by Supervisors, Managers, and other Administrative users to enroll employees at the InTouch terminal.

Workforce Mobile App

Mobile App

In this video we look at the features included in Workforce Ready’s Mobile App for Employees.

Workforce Ready

Time off Approval

We take a look at how supervisors and managers can approve / reject / edit employee Paid Time Off (PTO) requests.

Employee Time Off Requests

In this video, we will take a look at how employees can submit Paid Time Off (PTO) requests in the Workforce One software.

Workforce Ready Demo

Demonstration of the Workforce One: Time and Labor Management Software

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