Employee Compensation Reporting

Are you providing competitive compensation to hire and retain your top talent?

Application Highlights

  • Web-based
  • Available Through the Marketplace
  • Reports Generated Immediately
  • Exportable PDF Reports
  • Daily Updates of 36 Million+ Salaray Profiles

Organizations have been playing the employee compensation game for years, oftentime making these critical decisions with little or no insight into what a position is actually worth. Much like the stock market, the market values of your jobs fluctuate based on numerous factors. Variables such as experience, skills, job title, and location are constantly shifting compensation. One of the major challenges facing many employers is finding the precise pay needed to hire and reatin their talent without risking loss of the talent by underpaying or affecting the bottom line by overpaying.

Utilize one of the world’s largest compensation databases to reduce turnover and hiring costs.

Payscale collects data 24/7/365 from employees at companies like yours who complete a salary survey to find out what they are worth. This always fresh data is the subject to rigorous algorithmic and human validation proceses to ensure its integrity before being accepted into our data set. The validated data is then accessed from within the Marketplace to provide accruate salary matches to your jobs in your unique labor markets. More than 2,500 organizations use Payscale to recruit, retain, and motivate their talent with accurate pay.

Application Features

Employ this tool right from the Marketplace. This third-party integration facilitates a simple user experience by bering accessible directly within our workforce management system. No extra accounts or logins are needed.

Access one of the world’s largest employee compensation databases. With mpre than 36 million salary profiles, Payscale’s database is one of the broadest in the industry. Data is constantly being collected, analyzed, and compiled within the database to ensure that it remains current with the latest salary trends.

Generate specific and accurate reports. Payscale uses mnore than 14,000 job titles ans 250 compensable factos to create a specific, customized market match to the position you are pricing. Generated reports can easily b e exported in PDF format.