easyBackground and E-Verify

Times have changed, making safety, security, and proper compliance major concerns for businesses. As a result, organizations are now using background screening as part of a more proactive approach to ensuring that they hire and retain quality employees. And employment eligibility verification services further help organizations reduce compliance risk. With background checks and employment eligibility costing less than 1  percent of typical hiring expenses, it is imperative that organizations take the necessary steps to better protect themselves and their employees.

The integrations of easyBackgrounds and E-Verify within our Marketplace allow companies to streamline and simplify the screening process while securely running thorough background checks and employment eligibility verification on anyone, from an employment candidate to a current employee. This saves organizations both time and money; creates a safe, secure workplace; and ensures compliance with state and federal laws.


A well-known industry leader, easyBackgrounds is a founding member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) and has worked with legislators on various industry regulations. The easyBackgrounds service enables companies to securely transmit candidate, new-hire, and current employee data between the company’s HR application and the easyBackgrounds system. Completed searches are automatically compiled, and the final repost is made available directly within our applications. This integration enables you to reduce the time, cost, and complexity of background screening. It also:

  • Increases security and profitability by reducing internal theft and fraud. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that theft by employees costs American companies $20 billion to $40 billion per year.1
  • Provides deeper knowledge of candidates and new employees, enabling organizations to make better hiring decisions and reduce turnover rates.
  • Reduces legal risks associated with employee-related offenses, which can also negatively impact your brand.

Employment Eligibility Verification E-Verify

United States law requires all companies to exclusively employ individuals who can legally work in the U.S., based on citizenship or foreign citizenships with proper authorization. E-Verify is an internet-based system provided by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to help organizations check the employment eligibility of their job candidates and personnel. Current trends show a legislative landscape evolving in favor of legally requiring the usage of E-Verify. Its usage is already required for all federal contractors and has been mandated in an increasing number of states.

More than 387,000 employers, both large and small, across the U.S. use E-Verify to check the employment eligibility of their employees, with about 1,200 new businesses signing up each week.

E-Verify compares information from an employee’s Form I-9, filled out through our applications, with data from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility. Reports on the results can be generated directly from the application.