As an organization in the transportation and/or warehousing space, you might find yourself dealing with some similar challenges faced by other organizations in your industry, such as:

  • Managing vehicle registration renewal dates, drivers’ expiring licenses, outdated certifications for machine operators, or internal training schedules
  • Adhering to U.S. Department of Transportation work hour regulations
  • Collecting actual time worked for mobile and/or offsite employees
  • Complexities with union labor contracts that determine complicated pay rules

Kronos SaaShr, Inc. helps organizations meet challenges such as these with workforce management solutions. Our applications also help the transportation and warehousing industry with:

  • Tracking the usage and maintenance of warehouse machinery or vehicles used for deliveries
  • Decreasing incidents by recording bad driving and accidents in or outside of the warehouse while taking precautionary measures to prevent recurring issues
  • Identifying where processes can be improved by understanding the time and resources it takes to prepare each shipment and deliver the orders
  • Attaching receipts or expense reimbursement forms to drivers’ timesheets