It’s workforce management. When and where you want it

We are operating in an innovative and rapidly shifting world – one that is more connected and constantly on the move. As a result, business owners, presidents, and CEOs are increasingly turning to mobile technology as a means of conducting business operations. In fact, according to a study conducted by The Business Journals, 59 percent of 2,223 business owners, CEOs, and presidents of small to mid-sized companies, are currently utilizing or considering mobile technology as a means of conducting business operations.

Established in response to this growing trend, Kronos SaaShr, Inc.’s mobile application, TotalHRWorks, is a solution ideally suited for companies that have employees who are frequently on the move. TotalHRWorks encompasses functionality across the workforce management spectrum – Time and Labor Management, Human Resources, and Payroll, while incorporating features that are ideal for out-of-office use.

Features Include:


  • Punch In/Out with GPs coordinates
  • Offline punch (once a connection is re-established, punches will be pushed to the Workforce Ready applications
  • Change cost center/labor transfers
  • Submit timesheet
  • View schedule
  • View time-off and leave of absence calendar
  • View accrual balances
  • Request time off
  • HR actions such as viewing profile and accessing onboarding tasks
  • View pay statements


  • Approve time off and leave of absence requests
  • Make timesheet corrections
  • Approve submitted timesheets
  • View reports: time off calendar, dot board, birthday and anniversary calendars
  • View employee lists, employee information, and employee pay statements
  • Complete HR actions such as checklists, new hires, transfers, and benefits enrollments

Restrict Punches Based on Location

The Workforce Ready mobile application provides known location geofencing, which enables an organization to restrict an employee from clocking in from just anywhere. If configured an adminstrator can restrict employees from clocking in outside the radius of a defined location, down to a tenth of a miles. The radius can be determined as a general location, which can restrict all employee punches, or be specific to a cost center.

Instant Access to Information

The Workforce Ready monile app delivers easy and immediate access to information that a manager might need to access on a frequent basis, such as dot board (on premise), timesheet exceptions, and timeoff requests. The dot board is an on premise report that shows the manager exactly who has punches in as well as pertinent employee information for the manager’s review

Instant Access to Information

The mobile application is included with the Workforce Ready product suite at no additional charge and is available in the Apple, Android, and Windows application markets. Employees can use the app to check schedules, place time off requests, review paychecks, and more.