For Small Businesses

Automate Employee Time Tracking With An Easy to Use Solution That Grows With Your Company

Experience a unique set of features developed with small and mid-size businesses in mind that make this web based application simple to configure, easy to use, and highly affordable solution that tracks time, attendance, and labor data. Features include clear and concise views of employee attendance across the entire company, configurable access right to control system usage, employee and manager self service, and the ability to manage job costing, pay rates, and categories.

System Highlights

  • Fast Setup
  • Daily Automated Email Report
  • Time Clock Integration
  • Configurable Reporting
  • Customizable Look and Feel

Effectively Manage Your Organization’s Most Valuable And Costly Asset: Your Workforce

Flexible, Reliable, and Easy to Use

  • Single screen company setup and quick employee imports mean your entire company can be up and running in as little as an hour.
  • Automatic data synchronization with third party systems eliminates double data entry and ensures that your time tracking data gets to payroll quickly.
  • Intuitive interface reduces the time spent training and allows for easy integration into your daily tasks without disruption.

Feature Highlights

  • Five user defined employee types (salaried, hourly, contractors, etc.) allow you to define appropriate pay rules and work locations for employees across multiple time zones.
  • Job costing offers the ability to track work,time, and expenses (bonuses, tips, etc.) against three predefined cost centers, each allowing a virtually unlimited list of positions, departments, locations, and/or tasks. This results in greater accuracy when projecting labor costs.
  • Managers are able to view and/or edit information on a company wide or individual level. They can access time sheets for previous or future pay periods and easily add or change report views. Virtually any changes that occur are tracked an can be reported though the audit trail feature.
  • A wide range of additional features includes autopopulated company holidays, employee scheduling, itemized expense tracking, and mass edit capabilities.

Multiple Data Collection Options That Fit a Wide Range of Environments

Whether though the application or one of the many data collection devices available, data can be collected in real time or in a store and forward (polled) manner, depending on a location’s connectivity.

  • Choose from a wide range of time collection option depending on your specific work environment: traditional swipe keypads (bar, magnetic). proximity, and fingerprint recognition.
  • Integrate different data collection options to track employee and manager time, review hours, include comments for late or missing punches, and address other attendance issues, all from a single screen.
  • Make it easier for your remote employees to clock in from anywhere with a standard telephone or cell phone via telephony.

Robust Reporting Put You in Control

  • Easily navigate to the most popular reports
  • Choose from a wide range of export options, including CSV, Excel, PDF, HTML, and XML.
  • Instantly respond to the information you’re in real time viewing with reports that can double as tools.
  • Quickly understand complicated question such as how much it has cost to run a location or department by looking at historical data.
  • Enjoy easy filtering and automatic sorting of report data because the systems stores your previous report settings for easy access later.

Do Your Time and Labor Processes Meet Your Needs?

  • Does my current approach eliminate errors while improving overall efficiency?
  • Is this solution robust enough to handle the time and labor needs I’ll have in the future?
  • Does it solve buddy punching issues, over reported work hours, and employees coming in late?