Construction Industry Solutions

After three economically difficult years, the construction industry is still struggling. According to a white paper composed by Davis Langdon, entitled “Key Issues for the Global Economy and Construction in 2011”, the industry is still suffering from the global credit crisis and retail, industrial, commercial, and residential projects are struggling with a shortened demand and expensive funding costs. As a contractor or other organization in the construction industry, you might find yourself dealing with similar challenges faced by others in your space when trying to cut costs and improve efficiency on the projects you’re currently completing, such as:

  • Monitoring usage and maintenance of equipment or tools
  • Determining and managing different pay grades for different employee types (i.e. laborers, masons, carpenters, machine operators, etc.)
  • Tracking varying shift differentials and calculating employee overtime

Kronos SaaShr, Inc. helps these contractors and other construction companies meet these and many other challenges with our workforce management solution. Our applications also help construction companies:

  • Closely monitor employee hours with a wide range of data collection options
  • Automate pay calculations for overtime in addition to deductions for lunch or breaks
  • Maintain and keep a record of all completed or pending training and certifications