Business Solutions

Flexible Software that Meets the Needs of Virtually Any Sized Business and Any Industry

Fact: software can’t be everything to everyone. However, in the workforce management space, Kronos SaaShr is coming close. This is possible through the use of a pooled knowledge base garnished from a unique collaborative process with both an accredited reseller base and the customers they serve. This cross-disciplinary knowledge is then adapted to the application itself.

Our philosophy is one that focuses on software conforming to peoples’ needs, rather than people conforming to the limitations of the software. Leveraging the multi-tenant Kronos SaaS delivery model, our applications are extremely adaptable to virtually any-sized company, within any specific industry. The applications were built from the ground up to be flexible enough to cover almost any business requirements. All of the workforce management applications we develop are part of a core Kronos SaaS delivery platform that has been proven in small to mid-sized businesses across a broad spectrum of industries.