Introducing Employee Contact Tracing for Workforce Ready

Introducing Employee Contact Tracing for Workforce Ready

What is contact tracing?
According to the World Health Organization, when someone is infected with an infectious disease, such as a virus, those around them are at higher risk of becoming infected themselves, and of potentially transmitting the illness to others. To minimize this risk, those who have had contact with an afflicted person need to be notified as quickly as possible so that they can receive appropriate care and isolate themselves to reduce further spread. The process for monitoring people in close contact with someone who is infected is known as “contact tracing.” Contact Tracing, as outlined by the World Health Organization (WHO), is comprised of three steps: 1) contact identification, 2) contact listing, and 3) contact follow-up.

In the context of the workplace, this process can be cumbersome without visibility into who was working when and with whom. Having access to information that can quickly identify employees who may have come into contact with an afflicted individual is business-critical.

There are two reports you can create within Workforce Ready to identify the afflicted employee and colleagues that may have come into contact with this employee.

Please consult your counsel concerning any privacy-related issues in conjunction with your use and distribution of this report.

For more information, please download the webinar slide deck and the Employee Contact Tracing Tool Installation and Reporting Instructions to learn how to create these reports.  Questions?  Please open a ticket here or call us 1.800.870.8463.


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